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  1. Atul Gaur Project Management

    Atul Gaur Project Management is the blog belonging to Atul Gaur, a project management professional engaged in handling epc projects for process plant industries. Atul shares his experiences from his career: “I have handled complex engineering projects both in the Indian Navy and the corporate world. I see a lot...
  2. Project Portfolio Management

    Project Portfolio Management explores and contributes to the project portfolio management body of knowledge. Blog posts cover all aspects of this management discipline. No matter how good an organization manages its operations / ‘business as usual’, if it cannot also score with its project portfolio, the organization will never really flourish....
  3. The Daily PM Blog

    The Daily PM Blog from ProjectManager.com started in 2008 and guess what? they blog daily! They wanted to create a Project Management Resource portal giving Project Managers everything they need to help learn and improve the way they manage projects day-to-day. ProjectManager.com were founded in 2008 by 4 guys who...
  4. Blogramme

    Blogramme is a new blog from Ian Webster. It’s fresh and original thinking, comment and opinion around the core subjects of project management, programme management and business change. Ian tries to blog a few times a week – he’s a long-time frustrated author, and a communter with too much time...
  5. Project Management 21

      Project Management 21(ProjectMan21) is one to watch as UK based project manager, Mark Norman, enters the blogging scene with some great posts already. Starting just this month – March 2013, Mark is blogging about experiences of delivering complex projects in a variety of environments. He’s also covering project management...

    The 30PERCENTCREW is the official blog of CITI Limited. 70% of change initiatives end in failure – and yet it is possible to make change both safe and certain. In this blog you will find out about the attitudes, approaches and behaviours of some of the best change practitioners in...
  7. Project@tion

    Project@tion is a blog under the direction of Don Kim, a certified PMP and ScrumMaster and a two-decade veteran of project management, mostly in IT and most recently for the healthcare industry. A results-driven Southern California native, Don has worked in a wide range of industries, plying his PPM principles:...

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